千値練 35 メカトロウィーゴのバラし方 How to Remove Parts from Sentinel 35 MechatroWeGo

My wife loves orange color. That's why I gave her orange MechatroWeGo, but as she got to know WeGo's parts can be exchanged, she started asking me to give all orange parts for her WeGo. So it can become fully orange WeGo. But first time I removed armor (?) parts from a WeGo, I was afraid of breaking it. Most of the parts can be easily removed by simply pulling it, but anyway here are some notes about some things to care about removing parts.


Head / 頭

The back panel is covering a part of its head, so first you have to remove the back panel.

There are actually two parts on the back side, you might want to remove the one covering the center of the back. Just pull it out. This photo is showing the part (the green part shown on the previous photo) removed.

And then the big back panel. This can be also just simply pulled to remove.

Then you can remove the head by pulling it upward.

Here is a brighter colored bones of "Bibitto" showing the same thing. Each arm's base part can be inserted into the holes of the head parts. If your WeGo's head is not moving smoothly, you might want to loosen the screw connecting the body to the arm.

Upper arm / 上腕

First you have to pull the bottom part of the front upper arm part. As mentioned on the instruction, it is locking another upper arm part.

It should be moved like this, and then you can pull it downward to remove the part from the upper arm.

This is the part dot-circled red on the previous photo. As you can see, the top part of it (which you can't see on the previous photo as it was covered by the other forearm part) is bumpy. I guess this functions as a lock, but also cause this locking part difficult to remove, and in some WeGo, the bumpy part was really bumpy, I though I might break it trying to remove it from the upper arm.


Then you can simply pull this green part toward you.

Like this. You might have noticed that this one is missing a rounded shoulder part. Yes, I lost it. that part can be easily dropped without you noticing it.

Thigh / 太もも

A thigh has only one part (and a rounded part that won't get dropped as easily as the shoulder one). Move the bottom of the thigh toward front of the WeGo.

Like this. And then pull this part toward you, the rounded part also pops out with the thigh part.

Inside is like this.

Buttholecoverthing / お尻のやつ

Pull the top part of the butt cover. Maybe you can use your nail to do that.

Inside. See, it is covering a butt hole.

The controlling stick thingy inside of the belly / おなかの中の操縦桿

No photo, as I am lazy. You can twist and pull out.

Shin / 脛

Shins has left and right. You can still attach the wrong shin to a leg, but then the foot won't be able to turn outwards as much as it should.

Deluxe's back is red / でらっくすの背中の中は赤い

Here are two "Deluxe"s and two non-deluxes. Deluxes (although its original color were orange and mustard respectably)'s inner-back is colored red.

Even though you are lazy like me, or just don't want to modify shapes of the toys or paint the toys, Sentinel's 35 MechatroWego series offer not only the joy of owing something poseable and cute. But also fun of swapping colored parts.
可愛さも、色を塗ったり改造したりするのが苦手でも、ただパーツを変えるだけで自分好みのものにできるのが千値練版 35 メカトロウィーゴの楽しさ。次はどの色を買おうかな。

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