YOLK Solar Paper Isn't Just a Solar Panel / YOLK Solar Paperはただのソーラーパネルじゃない


YOLK Solar Panel isn't just a solar panel. Nor a paper.

Thickest part (main panel with port) is 1.1 cm, 60 grams, extra panels are only 0.15 cm, 55 grams. So thin and so light. It can be connected to each panel using magnets. No cable or plugging required.

Simple and beautifully designed. One main panel with USB ports and a display, and other extra panels which can be attached to absorb more solar energy.

Unboxing was fun. It gave me satisfaction of having a beautiful device, beautifully packed.

Yolk it is!

And of course, it's not just a beautiful thin black paper with gold frame and magnets. It works well in a gloomy cloudy autumn in Helsinki, Finland. And sunny winter in Tokyo, Japan, with no direct sunlight through a glass!

Since yesterday, I started to go out with Yolk on my shoulder bag.

There is a problem though. Magnets are just normal magnets, and not super strong ones (if it had super strong magnets, that also would have caused problems though). Magnets connects panels firmly but if you carry panels without connecting each panels with silicon-made connectors (which came with the package), panels would fall apart as you walk. This problem can be easily solved with the said connectors. Connectors are flexible enough to allow panels to be move around few millimeters, so sometimes the panels/magnets do detached from each other, but as the connectors are flexible and magnets are strong enough, panels automatically connect to each other.

I don't know what took me so long to write this review (I got it as a Kickstarter reward last November), but overall satisfaction from this product is very positive.

YOLK社のSolar Paperはただのソーラーパネルではない。紙でもない。