Narrative Clip 2: Disabling WiFi and Video Recording Won't Extend Battery Life / WiFiと動画撮影をオフにしてもバッテリーの持ちは変わらず

I changed some setting options to see if the battery lasts longer than 5 hours. I thought disabling WiFi related settings, and disabling double tap action / video recording function might extend the battery life.

Double Tap Action: Do Nothing
WiFi Uploader: Disabled
WiFi Firmware Update: Disabled

But the result was same as those options enabled. Narrative Clip 2 took 366 photos in 5 hours, and stopped taking any more photos. But even if you wear the Clip 2 for a whole day, with several 1080p30 videos, it would only take about 1GB of its 8GB internal storage.

I hope the new firmware will come to improve the battery life.


しかしそれらがオンである時とバッテリーのもちは変わらず、フル充電から5時間後、366枚の写真を撮影してNarrative Clip 2は停止した。とはいえ、一日中つけていたとして、数個の1080p30動画を撮ったとしてもその容量は1Gにも満たない。