Videos Taken by Narrative Clip 2 and Photo Comparison with Clip 1 / 初代との画像比較と動画

After saving data from the Clip 2 using Windows desktop Narrative uploader, I connected the Clip 1. Then the app gave me "Your Narrative Clip is in recovery mode, please contact our support team to find out what to do next". I did contact to the support team, but at the moment let me compare some old photos taken with the Clip 1 and newly taken photos from the Clip 2.

These are the ones taken with the Narrative Clip 1 / こちらが初代Narrative Clipで撮った写真

And here are the ones taken with the new Narrative Clip 2 / こちらがNarrative Clip 2で撮った写真

It happens on the Clip 1 as well, but sometimes, in a series of photos, some photos can have very different color / 初代Clipでもたまになってたが、Clip 2でも連続した写真のうちのいくらかの色がだいぶ違うものであったりする。

And here are the videos taken with the Clip 2, 720p30 setting. Saved as .mp4 files, one 10-second file can be 3 to 5 MB. / そしてこちらがClip 2で撮った動画、720p30。.mp4形式で保存され、10秒の動画のサイズは3から5MB程度。