Narrative Clip 2 is Finally Here. Unboxing Video and Some Thoughts

Once you setup the Narrative Clip 2, you'll receive an email from Narrative, which takes you to According to the page, it takes 30 minutes to fully charge the Clip 2.

But horrible thing (well, for some people who wanted to wear it for a whole day) you wish you'd knew before pre-ordering is reviled on the next page, "Wearing Your Clip". It says "Take Some Time to Get to Know Your Clip" and then "Wear it for several hours each day", I thought it was a life-log device. What's the point if you can only use it for few hours a day?

There was a Kickstarter project (Narrative also was), called "meMINI", before the first Narrative Clip has arrived to me. meMINI was basically a driverecorder for humanbeing. If a button on the device was pressed, it will record/save a video few seconds to few minutes prior to the press of the button. And this device only can be used 3 hours before charging again.

I have to keep using the Clip 2 to see how many hours I can actually use it though.

To be able to synchronize your mobile phone to Narrative Clip 2 via Bluetooth, your mobile phone must have Bluetooth 4.0/ Bluetooth LowEnergy.

I use my mobile phones as mobile hotspots. It seems, when I connect Clip 2 to these hotspots, the hotspot's connection get unstable (the phone / hotspot and any device connected to the hotspot get unstable). I tried to upload via Wifi many times, but I could upload only few videos in one single successful occasion, but most of the times the Clip 2 was "checking what time it is" and couldn't upload anything. So I ended up using good-old USB way. Connecting the Clip 2 to my computer, storing images and videos on the computer and then upload using the Narrative app on the computer.

When you connect the Clip 2 to your computer, and if you want to save the Clip 2's photos and videos, you have to disable wifi-uploading function of the clip. Otherwise, even if you change the storage setting to "Save copy to the hard drive", it won't. When uploading, it seems the Clip 2 uploads to the Narrative server itself, maybe without saving the files temporarily to the computer (like in the Clip 1).

In your mobile app (if synced with the clip) or on desktop app, you can change photo-taking interval, video duration and double-tap actions.

Clip's photo-taking interval can be changed from 10 seconds to 120 seconds, or you can disable time-interval-photo-taking function.

You can double tap to take a 10 seconds video, but this can be changed in settings. The action made by double tapping the clip can be changed to "take photo" or "do nothing" as well. Video duration can be changed from 7 seconds to 30 seconds. Video Resolution can be changed from 720p30 to 1080p30.

When double tapping the clip, it beeps. This Audio Feedback can also be disable.