My Narrative Clip 2 Went Euro Trip. Without Me / 私のClip 2は欧州旅行中のようだ

My Narrative Clip 2 has shipped! Yay for that! It was shipped from Sweden, and I'm getting it in Finland, Sweden's neighbour.

But instead of crossing the Baltic Sea to Finland, my Clip 2 is having a majour Euro Trip. From its birthplace of Sweden, to the Lego-land Denmark, to Paris France, and now in Köln Germany, where they have GamesCom every year.

Ljungby, Sweden
Kastrup, Denmark
Roissy Charles De Gaulle Cedex, France
Köln , Germany

Why didn't Narrative Clip 2 just cross the sea or travel by land through Arctic Sweden-Finland ways? Well actually I do understand and have experienced similar thing with some other gadgets I ordered from different companies. But sometimes it just makes you wonder how wasteful this kind of shipping method is.

このようなことを経験するのはこれが初めてではないが、どうやら隣国スウェーデンから発送されたClip 2は、バルト海を渡ってフィンランドまで来る代わりにヨーロッパ旅行に出かけたようだ。