An Open Letter to CreoPop

Texts below (without embeds) has sent to CreoPop's support email account (, and the reason I made it an open letter is, that I fear that they might just ignore and delete my message to them as it happened on Instagram:

I have recently posted a Kylo Ren's figure created with my CreoPop, and posted a photograph of it on Instagram under an account: oekart

My post has received a comment from CreoPop's account, and then CreoPop account also has made a post with some other Star Wars related creations made with their 3D pen products.

But there was no mention of the creators of those works. So I made a comment on the post. Something like "It would be nice if you could also tag the creators to the photo". Later CreoPop has tagged me on their post, but my comment was deleted from the post.

I don't like it at all. First of all, CreoPop was stealing my work to advertise their product. It was an act of stealing as there was no mention of where these photos were from, nor noticing me that they used my work, Then I made a (non-aggressive) comment so they would know it, but then they have deleted my comment.

Although CreoPop isn't a perfect 3D pen, I really like this product. I'm thinking of more works and possibly some more videos with CreoPop*. But this CreoPop's SNS PR attitude is disrespectful, which I dislike very much.
*I'm the guy who made these videos as well:

Previously when they shared my video, they did it with my account name on the shared video, but this time it was different. I demand CreoPop's PR attitude and quality to be improved. Thank you.

Thanks for sharing! #repost - an awesome #creopop #creopopart sculpture by @oekart 👌 #design #art #3dprinting

CreoPopさん(@creopop)が投稿した動画 -

As this is an open letter, I will be posting this on my blog:

PS: Also, I have mentioned to this email address that there was an ink cartridge with wrong color sticker (ink was orange but the sticker was blue), but did you get that email?