Pebble Timeのアラームが機能しなくなる問題に公式サポートから返事

前回Pebble Timeをアップデートしたのちに、スマホとの接続がうまくいかなくなり、ファクトリーリセットされた。それ以降Pebble Timeで設定していたアラーム(最初から入ってるアプリ)が機能しなくなった。


After I updated my Pebble Time software to the latest one, I have experienced connection problems.
The Pebble Time said it was connected to the phone, but the (Android) phone's app said the Pebble Time was disconnected. And when I tap "connect" on the phone's app, the Pebble Time rebooted itself.

Ten tries later, it seemed like my Pebble Time had somehow factory-reseted itself. And now my Pebble Time seem to be functioning, connected to my phone. But then Alarm function stopped working. The Pebble Time's Alarm app seem to be working, but it doesn't vibrate or show anything but the screen's backlight lit for a second and shows menu screen for a moment ane then returns to the watchface screen.

それに対しサポートから返事があったのはその19日後。今回は返事が来るまでに長く待った。それだけPebble Timeが人気になってきた(もしくは問題が多い)証か。とにもかくにもそのサポートからの返事によれば:

We've confirmed a software bug which can cause the alarm app to crash, and are working on a fix to implement as soon as possible.